When was the last time you dreamed? I'm not talking what happens while you are asleep or If I win the lottery dreams.

I'm talking what does your dream life look like? Who is there sharing it with you? Where do you live? What does your house look like? Do you have pets? What kind of pets? Do you travel a lot? What car are you driving?

The things that makes you say, "I'll have that some day."

Have you lost the ability to dream?

As adults we have so many things going on in our lives with our families. If you have kids you are running them from one event to the other and sometimes we feed the kids and simply forget to eat ourselves.

(I've been there it's ok! Cereal for dinner is also completely acceptable.)

We have our Significant others we do things for and with.

Some of us are going back to school and a million other life situations that keep us super busy.

So busy in fact, that we just end up going with the flow of life and all of a sudden we've been doing the same thing for 10 years. We then get stuck in acceptance mode.

Acceptance mode, the killer of dreams.

Acceptance, while good in relationships with people it is a dream killer.

When you just accept your life as what it is, you are also accepting that it won't get any better than the current place it is in.

Accepting your life and being fulfilled in life are two different things.

Being fulfilled is when you have made a goal and have made it a reality. You gain happiness and satisfaction by developing your abilities or character. (Taken straight from the dictionary.) Fulfillment gives you a since of self pride, accomplishment, motivation, self worth and confidence.

Accepting your life is when you have lost all drive to better situations in your life. Don't get me wrong, accepting what is going on in your life will get you through but you will feel unfulfilled. Eventually that unfulfillment will turn into depression, anger, jealousy, blame and lack of motivation.

I can bet each one of us want more for our lives, some of us just get stuck in acceptance. We have lost ourselves in between doing and being everything for everyone else.

Story Time.....

I know a women in Direct sales that had been with the company for 7-8 years. Her business and life had it's ups and downs like everyone else's.

Her goal was to learn a free car from her company. For four years every time she would drive passed a certain car lot she would think, "That's where I am going to pick up my car."

Her goal became a reality! It was really amazing to hear how she stuck to her dream and made it happen! Witnessing it was even better!

How to start dreaming

Ask yourself this:

If I could do anything and not fail, What would I do?

It's as simple as that. How to make your dream a reality, that's where the work begins!

The first step is to DREAM!


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