Feeling Free

When was the last time you actually felt free? Free from judgement. Free from your own mind. Completely free.

Feeling Free

Do you remember the last time you felt completely free and completely yourself?

I'm talking not caring what anyone thinks, not thinking about any of the every day stress you have in your life. Just being your true authentic self.

For me that moment was at an event called Fall Retreat. This is an elective training event members of our company can decide to participate in.

Let me start by telling you what happens at these events.

When you first walk in you hear this happy, upbeat music. There is a vender booth set up. Sometimes there are more but COVID. This one had these really amazing shirts, of course I had to buy some.

When I get to the door the music gets louder but not only do I hear music, I hear these women cheering! I see these ladies lined up in two lines in their tweed blue and gray skirt suites waving pink pom poms. As you walk into the door you have ladies in a line on both sides of you cheering and waving their pink pom poms. The energy in the room is immediately positive and uplifting.

The tables are decorated different but all following the theme. The theme for this event was Fiesta. There were tissue paper flowers hung on the walls. Some tables were really decked out with the theme others were not.

When I get to the table there two presents from my director. One for me and one for one my unit member. Helloooooo Presents?!!! for us just for coming?! (I love presents.)

During this 2 day event, I heard stories, ideas, and training's. By the end, I felt like I was with sister's even though I did not know everyone there. Everyone was so nice and accepting. I felt like they just got me, my struggles with mind set and struggles within my business. At one time or the other they also had the same struggles.

What I learned

When people feel accepted they feel free.

When people have a place where there is no judgement. They feel free.

When people have a place where they get out of their own head. They feel free.

When people feel loved. They feel free.

When people are in encouraging atmosphere's. They feel free.

Why is the feeling of freedom necessary?

When people feel free to be themselves magic happens.

Freedom lets people be their true amazing selves. Be goofy, loud, quiet, or try to learn a new dance. (That may or may not have been me.) For that moment in time, all your worries just don't seem like much. Creativity is at a high and fear of failure is out the window. The body recharges and there's almost a high. All your happy chemicals like dopamine are racing to your brain!

Personally, my favorite drug is freedom.

When people are always looked down upon by their peers, made to feel like their thoughts and ideas doesn't matter. Constantly being nit picked and micromanaged does something to a persons soul.

That happy go lucky person with amazing ideas becomes a shell of themselves. They pull back, get quiet and conform just to get through the day. If this environment is at work, they bring that attitude home to their children and spouses. All of a sudden, home life has became an atmosphere of negativity and not a sanctuary.

This atmosphere affects not only everyone in the household but it goes out into the world.

Tips for finding freedom

Change your atmosphere, change your life

Spend time with people that build you up and not tear you down.

Cut negative people out of your life.

Find yourself some alone time. After the kids go to bed run a bath and lock the door.

Read a book before bed.

Don't let someone else's bad mood affect your own.

Everyone has bad days. Show the person some grace.

Hurt people hurt people. There maybe something below the surface going on.

Don't take things too personal. It is probably not you at all.

Don't care about others opinions.

People's opinions of you are none of your business.

Anyone that truly matters will not criticize you.

The people that are where you want to be, will not ever look down on you.

Have fun

Whatever is fun for you, just do it.

If you want to change your hair color, go for it!

Want a tattoo? Do it!

Dance like a crazy person around your house!

Much Love to all! Go out and be the Queens that you are!


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