Single on Valentine's Day?

The day for couples. How to deal when you are not part of a couple.

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I'm not one to believe that I need to be with someone in order to have a fulfilled life. Every year In February I do sometimes wish there was someone to take me out to dinner or give me a present. Sometimes, it would be nice to celebrate the Holiday as most everyone else does. With that being said, it's only one day out of a year and everything that comes with getting a gift or a dinner for one day is not appealing to me.

How can I celebrate Valentine's Day when I am Single?

I know it seems cliche but showing love to yourself is best way to celebrate a holiday meant to celebrate love. If you don't love yourself then how are you going to love anyone else or accept love in return?

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate the love you have for yourself.

Take yourself out for a night on the town

No, you don't have to set in restaurants and watch all the happy couples eating their romantic dinners.

What you can do is treat yourself to a mani, pedi or a massage. Go out shopping and buy yourself the PERFECT gift! Don't forget the flowers and bottle of wine for when you get home!

Practice Self Care

Run yourself a nice bubble bath, grab a book and just relax! If you aren't into reading listen to some relaxing music and make it your own spa experience! That facial mask you've been wanting to try but have never taken the time to try, put it on your face! Have a glass of wine while the mask is doing its job!

Journal! Get all those feelings out ladies! The good, the bad and the ugly. You're not doing it right if you don't end up in tears as you are writing. Get to know YOURSELF better and look in the mirror and say, "I forgive you."

Get together with other single friends!

Do a gift exchange with your single friends to make each other feel special!

Go to a movie! or my favorite is buying some concert tickets as a gift to yourself or your Galentine!

Hang out watch Golden Girls episodes and fight over who would be Blanche! lol Seriously though,

who didn't want to be Blanche?



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